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3 Top Instagram Tips

I know there are many publications out there on top tips for Instagram, and most people either want your money for those tips, or at least some contact information like your email address…………Well not me. I thought I’d do my own top tips just for you.

Over this weekend, I finally broke the 10K follower milestone, which is an amazing feeling. I have put a lot of blood and sweat into growing my Instagram, with a lot of trial and error and trying to find what works best for me. Now every account and profile is different, but there are absolute fundamental things that you can do to help grow your account. Ive tried various methods, several different themes and looks, tried all the tips I’ve read up on, and most did not work for me. But I am going to share the top 3 things that did work for me, and if you apply these to your own, I can guarantee you will see growth, not only in followers, but also in engagement.



Your Bio – The first thing I did was clean up my Bio. This is going to be one of the first things that people will see. Not only that, it acts as the SEO for your profile. If you plan your bio out correctly, you greatly increase your chances of being found, and appearing in the ‘suggested user’ sections.

  1. The top line is the main part for the SEO of your profile. Most people have their name in this line. For me, it doesn’t need your name, but what your about. As you can see from mine above, mine is Adventure and blogger. Those are the two SEO keywords.
  2. The next one will depend whether you have a personal account or you have it set to Business account. Mine personally is set to business account, and I have done this for 2 main reasons. Firstly for the insights so I can keep tabs on how my profile is performing, and secondly for the option to include contact information so I don’t have to take up valuable characters in the actual bio.
  3. the next bit is the main bit, the bulk of the profile. Here you only get 150 characters so you have to make it count. Keep it short, almost bullet pointed, and to the point of what you are about. Adding in some emojis makes it a bit more aesthetically pleasing, but emojis do take up more characters, so you’ll have to play around with it (I suggest putting it together in something like notes on your phone, as you can’t enter onto new lines like I have directly in Instagram, so this would have to be edited in something like notes, and then copy & pasted over into Instagram)
  4. lastly, again this will depend if you have it set to personal or business, but in business setting, you have the option to add in a web link. So this can be a link to your website, blog, anything you like. for me this is ideal as I include my blog links in here.


Pick a theme for your profile. I did a lot of trial and error with what I wanted my feed to look like, and as you scroll through my feed, this is evident. I have left it all there and not deleted it because this forms the evolution of my profile. It is a visual documentation of where my profile started, to where it is now.

Play around with photo editing tools, play around with filters, play around with borders, whatever it is you desire your images to look like. Make sure your images are of high quality, this is important. If your images are blurry or don’t show much detail, they just will not perform as good and will damage your profile.


Lastly, and most importantlyENGAGEMENT. This is absolute key for growth. And the best part of it, its organic growth, meaning real engagement and growth from real people, and not those pesky bots.

  1. Reply to every comment left on your posts, whether they be long comments, or even just an emoji. This lets your followers not only know that you have seen their comment, but you have taken the time to let them know you have seen it and appreciate their comment.
  2. Take time out to engage with posts in the hashtags you use. This keeps it relevant to your niche or interest.
  3. Engage with posts in the explore section. Over time, the explore section almost becomes tailored to your niche or interests, so its done all the hard work for you in finding these posts. Make use of it.

All of this applied, helps with one main thing, the new Instagram algorithm.

If you have any questions please feel free to give me a shout

Instagram: wandersofadventure