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New Direction of Adventure

I have had a few weeks quiet due to trying to figure out the direction of adventure I was going.

The reason for this was I got a new dog, (Awwwwww) I know 🙂 and my travels and my focus had to go elsewhere. Going abroad would become harder, and I wanted my new hound to be part of the adventures with me. So I have been away looking and researching how me and him could adventure together.


Thanks to a friend of mine, who posted on his Facebook, I found my inspiration of where my adventure would now take me, and surprisingly, its all very close to home. It’s amazing what you can find right on your own doorstep. It’s the ultimate bucket list of the UK 🙂

There is 16 things on the list, so should keep us busy for the next year or so, and I will blog for each and every one. If you haven’t seen it, click here.