Some would say that I am a seasoned traveller. I have travelled to many places around the world. And this is thanks to my Army background. I grew up in the Army, my father was in the Army, and I was also in the Army. Having this background, has allowed me to be introduced to the travelling scene.

But, most of this travelling has been done due to being in the Army, and I haven’t really got to enjoy the world in a way I would have liked too.

I am 34 years of young age, I have 2 children, 2 girls to be exact. I’m from England and live in England. However, I spent most of my childhood growing up in Germany. I have a British dad, and a German mum. Again, having the dual nationality, I have been fortunate enough to live both British and German cultures, to which I love German cuisine. My passion is skiing, which I really don’t get to do enough of. Hopefully along the way I can fit some more of this in.

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