Guest Bloggers

So hi there guys. I thought it would be pretty cool to do a Guest Blog week. Similar to what I’m currently running on Instagram, which is #FeatureWeek where each day this week I am sharing a post from someone from anywhere in the world. I thought it would be kind of cool to do the same with the blog. People sharing their awesome travel stories with you guys, and hopefully you can find inspiration in some of the stories, and enjoy them as much as I do. 

Soooooooo, I am looking for people to guest blog, which I will be doing all of next week. You must be travelling, hiking, exploring, anything like this. It could be about a trip you’ve already taken, or something you’ve got coming up 😁

I will send you a set of questions that can be answered as you see fit. I think this will be a lot of fun and I’m super excited about it ✌🏻

If you’d like more info then I’d love to hear from you. 


2 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers”

  1. Gday i also had this idea… if you like to work with me this could be a fun idea.

    My name is mark i am a solo traveler and i started my blog one year ago.
    i would be more then happy to be involved with your blog and share stories ideas.


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