Things to do in Copenhagen

So the day came for me to visit and travel around Copenhagen. The day started very grey, grim and wet. But the rain then soon disappeared later on in the morning which helped massively. Now I actually didn’t do the free walking tour as I previously mentioned I was going to do, instead, I did my own walking tour. I am staying at a hostel that is on the outskirts of the city, The Danhostel Amager, and it’s only a short walk to a metro station that will take me into the city, and it was then only around 10-15 minutes on the Metro.

One thing that is evident when you get into the city, is the amount of bikes that are about. It’s a peoples choice of transport, and they also have dedicated cycle lanes around the city to make it easy for getting around. Now the main place for renting a bike if you so wish is Kobenhavns Cykelbors, where you can rent 3-speed bikes, touring bikes, children bikes, bikes with children’s seats and tandems. Or, you can even try the GPS – guided bicycle tours and discover Copenhagen at your own pace.


If you really want to tour Copenhagen in style, then you can take a Segway Tour Segway Sightseeing, best rated Segway tour in Copenhagen & “worlds best Segway tour” winner. They even have a test track in their office so you can get to grips with it before you go out on the tour.

My excitement was increasing though at this point about finally seeing the famous Nyhavn (you know, the place that has all the colourful buildings along the water). So my feet wandered, and there I was, on the bridge over the water, looking over down the row of all the colourful buildings. I was very happy, and it didn’t disappoint. But what I didn’t realise, was that most of those buildings were either a cafe or a bar ha. Good if you like coffee or alcohol.


I took so many photos of this place, got a bit trigger happy with the camera, but it’s one of my favourite places for sure.

Copenhagen has a lot to offer, depending on what it is you’re looking for. It has a big shopping scene for the retail therapists among you, it has a lot of great bars and clubs for the ravers in you, plenty of cafes and restaurants for the foodies in you, or the vast amount of history that is in and around the city. You won’t be short on things to do and keep you busy.

For many people who haven’t been to Denmark, they tend to think its pretty costly and expensive. Well I have good news for you, its actually not that bad. I found it to be cheaper than I thought, but then again I’m used to the cost of things in Norway, which is expensive, so all in all Denmark is considerably cheaper.

The Famous Nyhavn


A nifty little museum I found ‘Magasin Du Nord Museum’


Christiansborg Palace


No Idea What This Is


A Royal Horse


The Royal Stables


AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen



Travelling to Denmark & Sweden

So the day has arrived that I embark on another trip, this time to Denmark and Sweden. Copenhagen and Malmo to be precise. I was hoping that it would be a weekend of a good, white Scandinavian visit, but I have been watching the weather forecasts, and it looks like its going to be far from white. It looks like its going to be very wet (must make sure waterproofs are packed).

But firstly, on the day I head off to start the journey, I started my day by heading to a nice coffee shop on the outskirts of the city, Planet Coffee Hull, which is a nice comfortable coffee shop.

From here, I will then be heading to London for an overnight stop in Kings Cross, staying at The Clink261 Hostel, which is just over from St Pancras Kings Cross Train station. It will be a short visit, but I hear good things about this hostel. I will bring a separate post on my Review of Clink261 Hostel in a separate post concluding my stay.


Now again, I’m amazed at the what it has cost me to travel to London. I live in the north of England, in Hull, and trying to keep to a very small budget, I used MegaTrain again to travel. I get a bus from Hull Interchange, which then takes me as far as East Midlands Parkway, to which we then transfer to a train direct to London St Pancras Train station, and all it has cost me is £10.50 (0.50p admin fee) return. BARGAIN.

Anyway, moving on. After my overnight stop in London, I’ll then head to Luton airport to catch my flight to Copenhagen. Again, on a small budget, booking through, I paid only £26.80 return flight. If you missed it, I wrote about it and Copenhagen in more detail on my previous post ‘The Next Adventure‘.

The plan.

I have booked a FREE walking tour in Copenhagen for Saturday, and a FREE walking tour in Malmo on Sunday. These will give me a great insight into the local information and history and culture for both of these cities. Again, I will write about these in separate posts once I have done them. But I am looking forward to them, even if it will be in the rain ha.

Let the adventure continue……………