Photography For Beginners – By a Beginner

So this week I have been getting out and about with my new camera, and trying various things and getting used to all the functions and settings on the camera. If you missed it, read my previous photography post on me getting started.

Thankfully, we’ve had some great weather this week, which has really helped me to capture some of the gorgeous sights I actually have right on my doorstep. It’s weird, because ever since I’ve got this camera, I seem to think I see an opportunity in everything, and I carry my camera with me EVERYWHERE. Can almost say I have become a little bit obsessed. But they say practice make perfect, and I certainly want this improved before I head out on my next trip in less than 2 weeks.


So my first tip would be, take your camera wherever you go, because you never know when you come across a good photo opportunity.

Now, I’m still learning all about angles, and lighting and all these other variables you need to thin about when it comes to photography. If you’re like me, who is a self confessed perfectionist, I’m never happy with the first picture I take, or even the second or the third or even the fourth. But this is ok, I’ve realised your not going to get the perfect shot the first time, so you keep going till you’re happy.


So my second tip would be, don’t be too worried if you don’t know too much about the basic principles of taking a great photo, because this will come as you snap away, and of course by doing continues research on internet.

I wish I had this camera when I did my last trip away, which was to Berlin. However, I do have an iPhone 6s Plus, which does take some great photos, but I never really thought about photography until I came back. I took some great pictures, but I think with a proper camera, I could have captured some much more amazing pictures. You can catch some of my iconic captures from Berlin on one of my Berlin posts.

To me, from what I have read so far, and what I have come to experience by shooting all these pictures, there are 5 fundamental elements that need to be considered in taking a picture:

  • Exposure
  • Light
  • Perspective
  • Focus
  • Composition

I know these will all come with experience, like anything else, and my photos will become epic, and I can put it all into practise on my upcoming trips, which is in my Next Adventure post for Copenhagen in Denmark & Malmo is Sweden.

For now, please enjoy these other shots I took, one I particularly love is my and 4 year old daughter enjoying a moment watching the waves.


More of my adventures can be found on my Instagram


8 thoughts on “Photography For Beginners – By a Beginner”

  1. Nice piece, I used to carry a Canon DSLR but found it too bulky for travelling. So whilst I was in Malaysia I bought a Canon G7X MK 2, it was £200 cheaper than in the UK. Since having this more compact camera I have found my love for photography all over again. Like you mention in your article I to have to take several shots of the same subject until I get one I’m happy with. I like your use of a white border on the post images, it makes them standout. Enjoy Copenhagen. John, Travel-Tactics

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    1. Thanks very much. The border represents a stamp for my travels. I like it. Still getting used to using this kind of camera. Will out it to the test next weekend.


  2. You don’t have to have a nice camera to take amazing pictures either! There’s a ton of competitions out there for iPhone photography, I mean those things can take some ridiculously good pictures. Your photos are amazing and looks like you’re on your way to being super professional (although I’m not a photographer haha).

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    1. Ahhh thank you very much Lindsey, I appreciate it. Yes that is true, iPhones do take great pictures. I have taken some very good ones with my iPhone.

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  3. I wish you well with your new camera.

    Try to be critical of your own pictures, study them and always ask yourself “what can I learn from it? What can I improve next time?”
    The more you shoot, the more practice you will get.
    Photography is a skill you learn and improve over a lifetime, so go out and have some fun!

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